24 in Dodoma
Mackay House,
P. O. Box 15 Dodoma, Tanzania.


Department, Since 1968

Establishment and Offices

Youth department was established in 1968. The head office of that department is located at Mackay House (Dodoma City Council) 9th road.

Services provided

  • Preaching,
  • Leading worship,
  • Entrepreneurship Education,
  • Leadership Education,
  • Various Art Exhibitions like Singing, Games, Poem, Poetry, and Drama.
  • Doing Evangelism for non-Christians,
  • Enrolling new members in the department, and
  • Providing Testimony to the Community (life or good values ​​of Christian).


There are Institutions just a few of us interacting on certain events at once. Example CRDB Bank for entrepreneurship matters, Halotel in matters of communication especially during our concerts and several annual workshops. Also people take a personal task of providing various educations for various departmental events (specialists).

The department is running well; it is alive to carry out its activities without any problems. All its goals in the work plan are fulfilled in our daily and year-round schedules.