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Mens’ Union

Why Did UWAME established?

The idea of ​​establishing a DCT Men’s Fellowship began in the 1950’s with some clergymen led by Rev. Yona Mnyangwila. The aim was to promote the cooperation of priests and the responsibility of men in family teaching.

In 2001, the Men’s Union was formed after the adoption of the 14th Synod. Bishop G. Mhogolo called this community as UWAZE i.e. Union of Christian Elders DCT. In 2015 at the 19th Synod, Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Dickson Chilongani saw the need to involve all men from the age of 13 in the Fellowship, thus proposing the name UWAME i.e. Fellowship of Christian Men DCT. Number of Members in the Diocese is about 5,000 from 270 parishes.


The main objectives of the UWAME Department are;

  1. Involving men to love God, to participate in worship and various Church services.
  2. Be people who will have a good family upbringing, and be examples of love, appreciation, and care for one another.
  3. Studying the Word of God;
  4. Economic issues and tactics;
  5. Diseases and how to avoid and/or protect yourself from these diseases;
  6. Promoting good traditions, customs and culture in the community


The Department has dedicated leadership at all Church levels, Pastoral, Denary, and Diocese except UWAME secretary in the Diocese has a salary clause. Constitution of UWAME directs the Department’s operating procedures, Meetings with relevant members, and ways to raise funds of run the Department.

We thank God that the Department has begun actively dealing with and outlined above. We thank Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr Dickson Chilongani who is the patron of the Department for continuing encourage men to live and fulfill God’s will in the church and in the community.