25 in Dodoma
Mackay House,
P. O. Box 15 Dodoma, Tanzania.


Mothers Ministry Union (UWAKI - Umoja Wa Wanawake Wa Kikristo)


Mothers Ministry Union was established in 1936. The head office of this department is located at Mackay House room No. 31 in Dodoma City Council.

The purpose of establishing that department was to assist the church, ministers and members of the church in the pastoral care and upbringing of Christian women.

Services provided

  1. Authorize Christian teachings on marriage and spread them as far as possible.
  2. Encourage parents to raise children in the Faith and in church life
  3. To have Christian fellowship all over the world with those who join in prayer, worship and ministry
  4. Promoting a clean environment in the community that will enhance family life and protect children.
  5. To support women in development and to have projects that will provide them with income for the care of their families.
  6. Promoting human equality in the lives of women and children.

The Department is collaborating with Mother Union on some issues.

Status of the department is moderate at present, there are some things being done through the department to run various seminars to hold meetings through financial contributions made by mothers.